Buy and sell with $LEAN in digital marketplace

Lean Global Marketplace is an unlimited access platform for trading products and services. It has a user-friendly interface and the function of conducting conferences and video chats. The means of payment on the Marketplace is the Lean Management Token digital currency, which is covered by the cash back program. Fiat payments will be also supported.

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$LEAN is the main currency of the Lean Marketplace. Offers are published in USD, but the prices of the products or services are presented in both USD and LEAN. The price in USD is constant, and the price in LEAN is changed according to the exchange rate. The vendor will receive the payment in LEAN.


Buyers are able to buy $LEAN via FIAT and other cryptocurrencies. All funds from selling LEAN to the Buyers will be used for buybacks from CEX to keep the liquidity of the Lean Marketplace.


Sellers get 92% in $LEAN of the offered price for products and services, 8% fee will be transferred to the Job Placement & Community Wallet for the burning process. Additionally, all incomes from Lean Community incomes in $LEAN will be sent for the burning.




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